Saturday, June 30, 2012

allie dean eats || arizona foodie

Good food is just so very...well...goooood.
Need I say more??

While visiting Grandma in Arizona, we had lunch at Le Cordon Bleu's
 student restaurant. Very delicious and pretty!
And it may have been the first time I ever had an appetizer AND an entree,
followed by dessert.....just not used to so much richness!!
Grandma had the grouper(lg photo), and I had the berry salad and the sole.
First time having sole. It might grow on me :D

ahhh...the dessert....Grandma's opera torte & hazelnut coffee,
and my spice cake with sour cream ice cream.
Catrina and I both decided that the opera torte was the best :)

Friday is Mexican night at Grandma's apartment,
so I HAD to post this photo of delicious enchiladas.

now go prowl in the pantry and find something to nosh on! 


Liz Brown said...

Aren't you glad we taste things when we eat? God could have made it a boring, necessary, routine thing, but He didn't. :)

Allison Marshall said...

Oh I am SO glad :)

I like how He equates tasting food to having a greater knowledge and relationship with Him, too...

"Taste and see that the LORD is good."