Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just For Fun || Instagram

I may be sliiightly late to the game, but now that I have it,
Instagram is my new toy :)

Baby niece is 14 months old and is getting cuter by
the day...if that is possible...

I have a part-time job at a leather shop
assembling gun holsters.
It's actually fun, once you get past the glue fumes.

Behold me dough-boys!
They are smiling because cinnamon sugar is in their futures...

At Grandma's apartment building we can play the jukebox.
I sure do like Glenn Miller, and he sounds great
from a thing like this!

Getting the hang of self-portraits with an iphone :)

The phone was a hand-me-down-early-birthday-gift
from my friend, and only needed a cord.
So naturally, I had to document
my very first Apple purchase.

Not processed with filters, but a fun blast from the past.
I remember being interviewed outside our post office about my plans for growing up.
I am happy to report that I planned correctly way back then :D

You are welcome to follow me on Instagram under alliedeanphoto.
No worries about being flooded with photos...I like playing with
the filters more than actually posting!

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